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Bityli URL shortener is a powerful tool to shorten link. Use our Link Shortener to shorten a long URL and generate a short link. You don't need an account. If you need a custom url shortener and follow the analysis of your links, create your free account now on the link below and access our panel. Shorten links from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Whatsapp. Shorten the link you want.

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We provide the main tools to connect you to your customers. Be Premium Member and use our powerful features and have complete control over everything. Know your target audience, with comprehensive metrics, geographic data and the main reference channels. Start your Marketing campaign now and make a customer not a sale.

  • Custom domain

  • Link Generator for Whatsapp

  • Developer API

  • URL customization

  • Device targeting

  • Geographic location

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Plano Influencer: Crie sua página Biolinks

Bitbio todos os seus Links em um único lugar

Crie sua página BioLinks e adicione todos os seus links. Compartilhe um único link em redes sociais como instagram, Facebook e TikTok e monitore os cliques em seus links com estatísticas adequadas de seus visitantes e muito mais.

  • Links de Redes Sociais com ícones

  • Incorpora Músicas Sound Cloud e Spotify

  • Incorpora Vídeos do Youtube e Vimeo

  • Fontes extras e agendamento de Links

  • Alerta de conteúdo sensível

  • Background e cores Personalizadas


Perfect for Sales and Marketing.

Custom Links

Make your links special with specific words. With Bityli, you can create and share your brand word. Leave your links with your brand. This gives your audience confidence and increases your clicks.

Custom Domain.

If you have a custom domain name that you want to use with our service, you can associate it to your account very easily. Once added, we will add the domain to your account and set it as the default domain name for your URLs.

Custom page

A personalized homepage is a transition page on which you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. You can have unlimited custom pages and you can choose one for each URL.

Pixel tracking

Pixels tracking, is a conversion tracking tool to allow you to collect data about your customers and how they behave on your site. You will be able to optimize marketing using pixel ID in your short URLs.

Geographic location

Segment your users by location or device. If you have different pages for different devices (like mobile, tablet, etc.) or if you have different pages for different countries. Simply choose the device or the country and enter the URL.

Link Overlay

An overlay page allows you to display a small, non-intrusive overlay on the destination site to advertise your product or services. You can also use this feature to send a message to your users.


See the total clicks on your URL. Monitor your links, follow the statistics for your business and projects. Find out the number of accesses to your URL through our powerful and easy to use panel.

Developer API

Our API makes it possible to extend the application to other platforms very easily and without advanced knowledge of coding. Everything you have to do is explained step by step on the user's internal panel.

WhatsApp Link

The link generator for WhatsApp is a great tool for marketing or relationship actions. With the link to personalized WhatsApp messages, you can use it in campaigns, social networks, email marketing, banners, etc.

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